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Desert Rose Eco-Lodge

The Desert Rose Eco Lodge Bahariya is hotel set in unspoiled, beautiful area Bir El Mattar about 8 kilometers from the main town Bawiti.

The weather is beautiful here, perfect for strolling amongst the palm trees. For the more active among you cycling and climbing the mountains (not as hard as sounds, they aren’t that high).

$60 / per person

Siwa shali resort

the boundless Sahara: infinite skies above vast lakes and endless dunes, the whisper of wind through palm groves and the trickle of flowing water.

A history of thousands of years, the mythical and godlike Alexander the Great, Pharaoh in Oasis. Nature at most pure and uncontaminated, and a welcoming reception in a hotel built can come together as joy of living.

Set within incomparable scenery of Sahara desert, a rare combination of wilderness and comfort, the resort is arranged as archipelago of small one-storey constructions delicately placed within the dunes.

The restaurant, reception and spa each occupy one of three independent buildings and the guest rooms, each with its own en-suite, sit in groups of three.

Built using local construction techniques and materials, the mud rendering of the walls makes the structures aesthetically similar to old houses of Siwa while constituting an efficient barrier against the external temperature.

The Resort is blessed with an outstanding 200m sinuous swimming pool unravelling through the length of the village.

Built like the ancient reservoirs that collected the abundant water gushing out here at Siwa, the pool follows a more renowned example: Cleopatra’s Bath.

This is the reservoir where, according to tradition, the Egyptian Queen would immerse herself during her visits to Siwa.

Likewise our sophisticated pool offers countless variety; while some stretches are deep and excellent for swimming, others are shallow enough to stroll through at ease, allowing one to be pleasantly refreshed and massaged by the waterfalls along the way: come and soak yourself in its pleasures!

$40 / per person


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